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Diagnostics & Integrity Solutions

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FACT: A platform with diagnostics and integrity usually constitutes more instrumentation than the process dictates.

What is a Diagnostics and Integrity Solution?

A control philosophy that assesses and monitors machine components, cycle time and instrumentation. We want to ensure that every component in the system is working properly all the time.

What is the value of implementing Diagnostics and Integrity?

  • OEM/End User value add differentiator.
  • A system that is self-diagnostic (Down time)
  • Compensate for the gap of technical knowledge in the field.
  • Ensure the components in the system are working properly (Reliability)
  • Alleviate extended down time through the implementation of monitoring instrumentation.
  • Alignment with quality requirements (Machine data)
  • Ensure a reliable and repeatable process (Quality)
  • Proactive fault indications prompting immediate action from maintenance and engineering (Down time)
  • Predictive maintenance and planning
  • Ensure machine and personnel safety.
  • Onboarding new engineers (Monitoring PLC/HMI)
  • Capture data when the machine is performing at its best.
  • Extracting and implementing tribal knowledge in the control platform
  • Increase OEE
  • Maximize the potential of the machine. (Productivity and throughput)
  • Increase profit margins through the understanding of machine capabilities.

How did PTI become the experts in implementing Diagnostics and Integrity solutions?

The PTI engineering team has acquired expertise in remote monitoring while hands-on managing manufacturing operations. Presented with diagnostic issues throughout his career, Kenny Shinn created an innovative approach to monitoring machine components and the process during normal operations. Listening to OEM and customer equipment issues; PTI is committed to educating our customers on this control philosophy.

We provide solutions that are custom to your control processes.


Identify the existing machine component monitoring system and relevant data that is needed to ensure a robust process.


Targeted instruction on the implementation of Diagnostics and Integrity.


Based on your operations, staff and equipment, a custom self-diagnostic synopsis of your system or overall plant will be provided. This will lead and guide your engineering staff through the steps to implement Diagnostics and Integrity in your platforms, ensuring production integrity.

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