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Process Automation Products

Process Automation

The right product for the right application.
Decades of engineering experience.
Innovative approach to tough process control challenges.
Meeting your project goals, ontime and on-budget.

Filtration media systems, water treatment, water management solutions.

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A full line of monitors and analyzers for industrial infrared temperature measurement.

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Crompton Instruments
Non-Destructive Testing, Analytical Solution Sensors

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Pressure, Level, Flow & Temperature Measurement Products

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Open Channel Flow Measurement

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Jordan Valve
Regulators - pressure, sliding gate, gas & tank, temperature; control valves.

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LowFlow Valve
Fractional flow, pneumatic, high pressure control valves; regulators.

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Marwin Valve
High pressure, high Temperature, flanged, three-and-two piece, flanged ball valves.

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V-Cone DP flow meters for gasses, liquids, and steam.

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Mettler Toledo
Analytical Instruments

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Tank Level Gauging

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Flow meters, process analyzers, flare management.

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Solids and Turbidity Sensors
Sensors for Measuring Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity

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Process Analysers
Clarifier, Thickner, Washer and CCD Mud Divers

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Thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, thermocouple wire, extension wire, thermowells, protection tubes.

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Red Valve
Pinch Valves, Elastomer Valves, Knifegate Valves, Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

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Ronan Engineering
Alarm Monitoring, Non-Contact Measurement, Signal Conditioning - I/O, Leak Detection

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Process Instrumentation, Level Products, Gas Analyzers

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Steriflow Valve
Sanitary regulators, sanitary check & control valves, sanitary steam traps.

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Tideflex Check Valves, Tideflex Patented Air Diffuser, Tideflex Mixing System (TMS)

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Lever-less Limit Switches, Go Proximity limit switches, 3-phase monitors and valve position packages.

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Low cost vortex, vane, variable area, LFE and rotameters.

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Inline process refractometers.

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Verabar and Accelabar for versatile, precise and accurate flow measurement.

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